Products are dead like death itself. 

PRODUCTS as PRODUCTS are as useless as the twenty-first century myth and definition of practicality. Products in contemporary society do not operate to extinguish the genesis of a problem. The consequence of this fraudulent ideology is the exchange of perpetual functional values for instance, “progressive”, pseudo-disposable attitudes.

The result of this constructed trauma and psycho-agony led products to indulge in a human forced mystical transgression. The fatality of this inevitable story is the transfiguration of products as inanimate personal psychoanalysts and sustainable agents  of  “organic” factories of fetishes and commodities.


tire shop - (open). Arecibo, Puerto Rico. 02/18




Post – Domestication is our “designed” term to describe our behavior and define our actions. This attitude is a reaction and the result of the failure of the myth developed and imposed by the generation before us.

We already fail our objective…  but in the catastrophe of our intentions, the result is the precise state to evidence the incomprehensible madness of correlations, realities, fetishes and violence.